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Case Study: Advent eModal

Advent eModal greatly improves the quality of
its overall customer support operations with
Peak Support


“Peak Support has been an effective partner. The team brings expertise and fills gaps where a company's customer support team might be falling short."

Colin Reynolds, Director of Customer Experience Advent E-Modal

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Advent Emodal is the world's largest port community platform with a mission to drive a market- leading,stable, secure and scalable technology platform that connects stakeholders and digitizes all intermodal transactions.


Advent eModal is a cloud-based, real-time collaboration platform for the port community. It provides stakeholders moving containerized cargo through the supply chain with real-time views and management of cargo from port to depot to door. This is all done via a single digital, device agnostic platform.

Advent eModal’s customers are marine terminal operators—in other words, the companies that own and operate cargo terminals. The marine terminal operators’ customers are truckers and cargo owners are the end users of the eModal platform.

One of the challenges that Advent eModal faced involved providing technical customer support to those end users.

“The size of our technical support team was much too small to handle the volume of support requests,” said Colin Reynolds, Advent eModal’s Director of Customer Experience. “Consequently, we had some cases where our first reply time to the end user seeking immediate help was as high as forty-five hours. That was unacceptable."

Since truckers get paid by the load and not the hour, they lost revenue while waiting to hear back from Advent eModal. Because Advent eModal could not respond right away, the company routinely received poor customer satisfaction scores.

In an attempt to get customer service representatives to improve the response rate, Colin had to spend a great deal of time managing that team. That effort took time away from focusing on other business matters. Furthermore, he didn’t have the budget to add more US-based support engineers.

Facing these challenges, Colin believed that the solution was to find a partner that could understand Advent eModal’s processes and procedures and provide training and management, as well as a team of technical support experts.

Peak Support turned out to be the partner Colin needed.


Peak Support is a global service provider dedicated to delivering exceptional support to high-growth organizations. The company offers a wide array of
services, including customer support, sales operations, and business process outsourcing.

At the beginning of Peak Support’s engagement with Advent eModal, it handled tier-one support tickets that involved such requests as problems logging in, password resets, and difficulty navigating the software. This
initiative was so successful that Advent eModal requested that Peak Support work with its overseas team of support engineers regarding tier-two support. Those support tickets often require running and reviewing SQL database
queries and doing research within Advent eModal’s back-end.


Ability to Scale the Business
Reduction of customer service response time to fifteen minutes
High Customer Satisfaction Scores
Excellent customer service to the end users
Impressive Save Rate
Increase in customer satisfaction scores from the 50 to 60 percent range to the 85 to 92 percent range

In response to that request, Peak Support brought in qualified personnel to establish a group that handles those tier-two technical support issues. Additionally Peak Support set up operations to fully manage the technical team of support engineers. The technical team leader manages the team and provides weekly reports on productivity and customer satisfaction. Now, Advent eModal has a well-trained team lead and team members under that person. 

According to Colin, “Everything has worked out quite well.”

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